Love, Wisdom, Truth

A remarkable talk by Beinsa Douno • 5 min read

The path of life is beset with difficulties. Yet God’s Love, God’s Wisdom and God’s Truth are realized on this very path. Through them, life fulfils its purpose.

Many people strive for personal happiness, yet the personal element does not lead to true happiness. True happiness is hidden in love. It is the seed from which life springs. When Love visits you, you expand. Even physically — if you measure your arms, for example, you will notice a microscopic expansion.

Everybody talks about love without knowing what it is. Why? First, because they don’t know themselves. You say that you love someone and enjoy love. But when you hear that the object of your love loves someone else, you become uneasy. Are you wondering every day whether or not this person loves you? Love that ceases, or which appears and disappears, is not real love. If you meet someone who has opened themselves to only one person, know that they cannot love you. Even if they were to start loving you, they would soon betray you. Only the one who can love everybody can love you. True lovers are those through whom God’s love is manifest; they have opened their hearts to all. They will always love you. Such love is unceasing and eternal.

What is it that we love in people? The sublime, divine source; the eternal, unchanging wellspring in humanity. A person’s life unfolds in three phases: childhood, adulthood and old age. If you photograph someone in each phase, you’ll see three different images. However, despite their differences, they have the same essence: an eternally unchanging source — the divine. Outside the essence are shadows of human life. We are still in the shadows of life.

You must strive to find your soul. When you find it, you will see the soul of your fellows too. You could flip through an old book and say it’s uninteresting, while someone else might say it’s very interesting. How do they know? Because they have read it. Likewise, you can neither know nor love someone by looking at their outer appearance, at the surface. Only if you know them from within, know their soul, can you truly love them. You might say, “I see nothing special in this person”. Why not? Because you haven’t gotten to know their inner self, so you don’t love them. If you were to ask a wife what she sees in her husband, she might say, “He’s interesting”.

When you investigate the ways in which a person manifests love, you will constantly see interruptions in its manifestation. However, it might only seem that way. This relates to a person’s outer self rather than their essence. There are external obstacles, clouds in the mind that seemingly obscure love. As long as the Earth revolves around its axis, there will always be day and night, good and evil, rising and falling. At a certain height above the Earth, there will no longer be day and night.

Likewise, the higher the realm of consciousness you enter, the more unceasing your love is. You might be sitting in your room, looking through the window while a friend is passing by. You follow their movements, seeing them from only one perspective. After a while, they disappear from your sight. This happens because you’re both at the same height. If you rise to a higher plane, you will always see them. Thus, the higher you stand, the more unceasing your love is.

It is said that love conquers evil. That is why the only people who can contend with evil are the ones who carry the weapon of love within themselves. If you don’t have love, don’t fight evil; because evil will prevail.

One of the rules of love states, “Guard the freedom of others the same way you guard yours”. Someone might interfere with the freedom of others and restrict them. Why? Because these people are outside of love. You might tell them, “You have no love for me”. Let them be free; don’t interfere with their freedom. They are free to love you or not. When everybody rejects you, seeing you as trash, know that there is One who loves you. An angel is accompanying you and telling you, “Don’t be afraid, God loves you! Your affairs will come out well. Don’t cling to temporal things!”

A father had ten children. He bought everyone a toy except the youngest. The child started crying because the others told him that he was bad and that his father didn’t love him. Seeing his tears, his father comforted him, saying, “Don’t cry, tomorrow I’ll buy you a toy too”. I say: People always cry for such ‘toys’. Apart from the physical, there are also spiritual ‘toys’ that people cry over. By identifying ourselves with outer things, we gradually grow old. Aging is a law of distancing. When things move away, they become invisible. Old views make us grow old. To rejuvenate, one must let go of them.

What are the distinguishing qualities of Love, Wisdom and Truth? It has been written, “You have loved the Truth within”. Therefore, what you love in someone is the Truth. Those who have faith can keep a secret. Whatever secret you entrust to them, they will guard it. If you assign a task to those who possess the Truth within, they will surely do it. Love is the mother, Wisdom the father and Truth — the son. Here’s another comparison: Love is a base, Wisdom is an acid, and Truth — salt. The loving are living flames that warm everyone, the wise are lamps that shine and scatter forth light, and the truthful are bakers who provide bread. Love gives things, Wisdom adorns them and Truth distributes them. Laws are the result of the Truth.

Truth brings freedom; it enables us to manifest ourselves. People say that the truth is bitter. This shows a misunderstanding. When does the truth embitter people? When they are sick or when they are wrong. In other words, bitterness isn’t something natural for us. You cannot sin while possessing the Truth within. When somebody lies, it is bitter for them because they lose their freedom. Truth is a transformer. It gives guidance. It frees us from our difficulties. Truth reconciles people with their contradictions; it enables them to carry their burdens gracefully. Truth values the inner meaning of things. It seeks to know their essence. Wisdom, in turn, enters deep into them and illuminates them, while Love brings warmth and melts all things in it.

Thus, Love maintains life, while Wisdom shapes life. The loving are simultaneously intelligent. So they are at the same time both wise and truthful. Love, Wisdom and Truth are inseparable.

Love provides the material, Wisdom organizes the material, and Truth works with it. As Solomon had many wives, so do human beings have many desires. Yet we only need one fundamental desire — to acquire Love. We must have only one central thought — to acquire Wisdom. With these, other things will come automatically.

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