Prediction & Synthesis

According to the esoteric teachings
of Samael Aun Weor

Number 1Sword. Will. Power.

It promises dominion over material obstacles, new social relationships, happy initiatives, the concourse of loyal friends who assist the development of projects, and jealous friends who obstruct them.

Number 2Esoteric Science. Favorable.

Attractions and repulsions, gains and losses, ascents and descents; favorable inspirations to the initiative and the secret opposition from secondary ones who try to stop that initiative going towards a good goal.

Number 3Material and Spiritual Production.

Multiplication of material goods, prosperity in business, abundance, wealth, success; obstacles to overcome and satisfactions as they are overcome.

Number 4Command. Progress. Success. Mercy.

It promises material achievements, having the basis for higher enterprises, favorable results on spent efforts and troubled conditions in order to achieve them; friends are simultaneously a help and obstacle. Luck is proper and adverse at the same time.

Number 5Karma. Mars. War.

Freedom and restrictions, new experiences, acquisition of advantageous teachings, love and love affairs, journeys of frustrated prosperity. Propitious friends and friends who are of a sinister greeting; beings and things that come and go, those who come in order to leave, those who go in order to return.

Number 6Victory. Good luck.

Privileges and duties in the relationships of the sexes. Antagonisms of forces. Separations and divorces. Possession of that which is pursued and ardent desires which are fulfilled, where some of them satisfy and others disappoint.

Number 7Wars. Struggles. Atonement. Pain. Bitterness.

It promises magnetic power, well-aimed intellection (union of intellect and intuition); justice and reparations, honor and dishonour, achievement of that which is pursued with determination, satisfactions and setbacks.

Number 8Sufferings. Tests. Pain.

It promises retributions, punishments and rewards, gratitudes and ungratefulness. Compensation for services rendered.

Number 9Solitude. Sufferings.

It promises science to make discoveries; order in making them; caution when being served by them; advantageous associations and conceited associations; friends who help and who obstruct; light of reason and light of intuition, the first light for the immediate and the second light for that which will be.

Number 10Good business. Changes.

It promises good and bad fortune, elevation and descents, legitimate possessions and doubtful possessions; recommendations of past contingencies and circumstances which are repeated in a distinct way.

Number 11Favors the Law. Let there be no fear. Mars.

It promises control of the direction which is followed that leads towards the dominion of the elements; vitality, rejuvenation, acquisition, and loss of friends because of family matters; pains, obstacles, jealousy, treason and resignation in order to bear the disappointments.

Number 12Tests and pain. Arcano A.Z.F. pulls us out of the pain.

It promises contrarieties, anguish, downfalls; material loss in some conditions of life and profit in others; presentiments which enliven and presentiments which discourage.

Number 13Transformations. Indicates total change.

It promises disappointments, disillusions, death of affections, refusals for that which is solicited, collapse, pure enjoyments and gladness for the soul, improvements with painful enjoyment, help of friends; renewal of conditions, the good ones for the worse and the bad ones for the better.

Number 14Long life. Stability. I don't change.

It predicts enmities, reciprocal affections, obligations, combinations, chemical combinations, and combining of interests; afflicted loves, devoted loves, betrayed loves; things that remain and things that depart, the first are in order to leave, the second are in order to return.

Number 15Love failure. Announces dangers.

It predicts controversies, passions, fatalities; prosperity through legality and fatality; noxious affections for the one who feels them, and for the one who is affected by them; vehement anxiety and violent situations.

Number 16Punishment. Terrible fall. Avoid this date.

It predicts unexpected accidents, tempests, commotions, deaths; benefits because of concepts from good and bad circumstances; reciprocity in love and hatred, in indifference and in zeal, in treason and in loyalty.

Number 17It means hope and wait.

It predicts Intuition, support, illumination, births, brief afflictions and brief satisfactions, displeasures and reconciliations, privations; abandonments and benefits.

Number 18Hidden enemies jump at any moment. Diseases. Not business.

It predicts instability, inconstancy, ambush, confusion, changes, uncertain situations, long deliberations, unexpected impediments, tardy results, apparent triumphs and failings.

Number 19Successes. Good luck. The Philosopher's Stone.

It predicts the increment of power, successes of undertakings; joy in the acts that are performed, benefits for the concept of personal efforts and efforts of others, inheritances, clarity in that which is desired and fire that consumes the desired.

Number 20Favorable changes, take advantage of them. Putting an end to weaknesses.

It predicts harmonious choices, fortunate initiatives, labor, profit. Compensations because of good and because of bad. Loyal friends that annul the action of traitorous friends. Jealousy for the good that is enjoyed. Afflictions due to losses.

Number 21Total demoralization for evil. Magic key: Rune OLIN. Antithesis, enemies of Hiram Abiff.

It promises deprivation of something that is enjoyed, frustration when trying to achieve what is wanted. Ruin in relation to that which we boast of. It is danger of isolation, perfidious gifts, deceitful promises, disillusions; the end of some things and the beginning of others.

Number 22Triumph. Everything goes well. Power. Strength. Good luck.

It predicts long life, inheritances, distinctions, delight of honest enjoyments, rivals that dispute the affections, friends that care for us, obstacles and aptitude in order to defeat them, uncertain situations and contingencies that clarify them.